Crisis Resolve

CrisisResolve Overview


  • Save thousands of lives
  • Make the world safer
  • Destigmatize and change the paradigm of mental health treatment
  • What if you had the opportunity to save thousands of lives?
  • What if you could help make the world safer?
  • What if you could destigmatize and change the paradigm of mental health treatment?

The Mental Health Crisis

1 in 4 Americans
In need of mental health treatment
61.5 million people
50% of those
Do not receive any psychological help
30+ million people
Cost to Industry
Lost productivity due to mental illness
$16 trillion
Suicide Rates
Up 33% in the U.S. over the last 10 years
Highest rate of suicide is 15-24 year old’s
22 Veterans per day
Mental Health issues are expected to be the leading cause of death by 2030
Source: National Institutes of Mental Health

The Problem

For people experiencing a mental health crisis, there are no good options.
  • A 911 call results in an ER visit, hours of waiting or involuntary hospitalization
  • Mental Health hotlines are inefficient, inconvenient, outdated, limited and run by volunteers.

The Solution

  • An online mental health urgent care platform.
  • Built to get people the right help within a 19-minute timeframe.
  • Changing the paradigm by assessing and evaluating mental health issues, including dangerousness, on the spot using Al and deep learning.
  • A comprehensive approach including evaluation, on-demand professional treatment, and ongoing support.
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How it Works

How it works - Crisis Resolve Application
Person in crisis contacts CrisisResolve through mobile phone or online (first 19 minutes are free) and communicates with chat bot
How it works - Crisis Resolve Application

AI determines level of crisis using intelligent assessment

How it works (Crisis Resolve Application)

Patient is connected to a live mental health professional for therapy via text, video and phone or chat

How it works - Crisis Resolve Application

Online therapy, outside referrals, and remote patient monitoring provide ongoing support ecosystem


  • US patent pending technology
  • Assured data security and HIPAA compliance
  • Advanced assessment capabilities via AI
  • Accumulated data continually improves evaluation and treatment planning
  • Dynamic scalability


Cost effective

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