Artificial Intelligence (AI) based FOIA, Subpoena, Records request response acceleration solution for state government, federal government agencies & school systems.

How was the app created?

The District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA) wanted to rapidly respond to FOIA requests that they were getting in 2020. However, they realized that many emails & attachments available in email archives were forwarded around the organization several times, the same attachments were used across multiple emails and redacting the final email made most sense since it typically had information contained in all other prior discussions.

They also realized that they could also focus on redacting the final email of the conversation instead of every email of conversation. Y Point worked closely with DCHA-OGC to build a custom application that could read archived emails from outlook server or a PST file, remove duplicate emails and attachments, group emails into conversations, clearly identify the final email and make both emails and attachments available for redaction purposes.