Unleashing the full potential of GoodData requires more than just a robust analytics platform – it demands specialized expertise and tailored solutions. This is where YPoint excels as a leading provider of GoodData services. By partnering with YPoint, organizations gain access to a team of GoodData experts with an unparalleled understanding of the platform’s architecture and capabilities. With over a decade of experience delivering tailored solutions, YPoint empowers businesses to harness the true power of data-driven insights, driving growth, and enabling informed decision-making. From seamless data integration and streamlined ETL processes to visually compelling reports and scalable, high-performance solutions, YPoint’s comprehensive services ensure that organizations can fully leverage GoodData’s potential, seamlessly integrating it with existing systems and aligning it with their unique business needs.


YPoint offers a comprehensive range of services to support organizations throughout their GoodData journey, from initial implementation and integration to ongoing optimization and support.

Implementation and Integration

 YPoint's experts guide you through the entire process of implementing GoodData within your organization. We handle the seamless integration of GoodData with your existing systems and data sources, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing disruptions to your operations.

Customization and Development

Our team of skilled developers can customize and extend GoodData's functionalities to meet your specific business requirements. From tailored report templates and dashboards to custom data models and integrations, we ensure that GoodData aligns perfectly with your unique needs.

Data Modeling and ETL

Effective data modeling and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes are crucial for accurate and reliable data analysis. YPoint's data experts work closely with you to design efficient data models, streamline ETL processes, and ensure data integrity across your GoodData environment.

Maintenance and Support

As your business evolves, your GoodData environment may require updates, enhancements, and ongoing support. YPoint's dedicated support team is available to address any issues, perform system maintenance, and ensure that your GoodData implementation remains up-to-date and performing optimally.

Training and Consulting

Empowering your team with the knowledge and skills to leverage GoodData effectively is essential for maximizing its value. YPoint offers comprehensive training programs and consulting services tailored to your organization's needs, ensuring that your teams can independently manage and optimize your GoodData implementation.

Migration – Into or Out of GoodData

Migrating existing reports into GoodData or Migrating your reports out of GoodData into other platforms like PowerBI, Tableau, AWS QuickSights or Custom reports.

With YPoint as your trusted GoodData partner, you can rest assured that your data analytics needs are in capable hands. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and deliver tailored solutions that drive data-driven success within your organization.

How our GoodData services can benefit you

 At YPoint, we understand the complexities of integrating data from multiple sources into GoodData. Our team of seasoned professionals excels in streamlining ETL processes, ensuring seamless data integration from various systems, including []. By consolidating your data into a single source of truth within GoodData, we enable you to gain a comprehensive view of your business operations, unlock valuable insights, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Tailored Reporting and Visualization
Effective data visualization is key to communicating insights and driving action within your organization. YPoint's experts specialize in creating intuitive and visually appealing reports and dashboards within GoodData, tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you require real-time operational dashboards, executive-level reporting, or advanced data exploration capabilities, our team will ensure that your GoodData implementation delivers the insights you need to drive growth and operational excellence.
Scalable and High-Performance Solutions

As your business grows, your data analytics needs will evolve. YPoint understands the importance of scalability and performance in GoodData deployments. We leverage our deep understanding of GoodData's architecture to optimize your implementation for maximum performance and scalability, ensuring that your system can handle increasing data volumes and user demands without compromising speed or reliability.

Trusted GoodData Expertise

With a proven track record of successful GoodData implementations across various industries, YPoint has built thousands of reports and dashboards, integrating data from a vast array of sources. As a trusted GoodData service provider, we support deployments on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, ensuring that your GoodData environment aligns with your organization's cloud strategy and infrastructure requirements.

Partner with YPoint to unlock the full potential of GoodData and drive data-driven success within your organization. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your unique business needs, providing tailored solutions that empower you to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and achieve your strategic goals through the power of data analytics.

Production Support

Ad-hoc Execution

We provide support for on-demand execution of pre-designed gooddata service project jobs for new client configuration / data conversion etc.

Investigate Load Discrepancies

If our automated data quality agents or our consumers detect issues, our analysts investigate by analyzing the source and target data, mapping, and transformation rules. 

Reproduce the Failures in Lower Environment

Our Data Integration teams investigate the issues and errors reported by our clients and then replicates these scenarios in lower environments. This typically involves understanding how the production data interacts with data transformation rules encoded in the data integration jobs.

Production Failure Support

All our gooddata service project jobs are designed to restart gracefully in event of failure. However, if there is failure due to source structure changes,  file layout changes, unexpected special characters, and cache / buffer / file swap space limitations. We Investigate, fix and restart the jobs to ensure the data gets to the right people at the right time.

Source Application Release Testing & Support

Export Verification

Verify exports from the applications don’t change in unexpected manner, for both old and new versions of the application.

Import Verification

Test imports into the applications. Verify that the data has been properly imported .

Performance Testing

Conduct Performance Testing of gooddata service project jobs after new application deployment.

Support Client Testing - Test Data Loads

Test Source Data Quality

Profile source data to ensure quality of data provided is good enough for loads.

Customer Master Changes

Ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data being tested. 

Data Source Changes

We work with our clients to support simple changes in source layouts, source structure changes. Refers to the process of validating, verifying, and qualifying data while preventing duplicate records and data loss.

GoodData Service Project Design and Development

Create & Review Mapping Documents

Our team of data analysts develops a deep understanding of your source systems and target data model, allowing us to meticulously map each target attribute to its corresponding source attribute. We also document the transformation rules in great detail, ensuring development of accurate and precise data integration jobs. 

New Gooddata Service Project development

Our experts specialize in developing gooddata service project pipelines based on mapping documents, data models and data flows. There are times when data integration pipelines are completely redesigned when there are significant changes to existing data sources, new data sources are required, or target requirements have been modified significantly.

Tool Independent Designs

We specialize in creating tool-independent designs that can be easily codified in any data integration tool. We achieve this by combining mapping documents and detailed data flows.

GoodData Service Project Execution Operational Report

Report Generation

We can generate a wide range of reports in various formats such as CSV, Formatted Excel, PDF, XML, and JSON. We have flexibility to choose the format that best suits their needs.

Report Delivery

Our team provides a flexible and efficient way to receive reports through scheduled or event-based delivery.

Cross Training

We constantly cross-train our teams. This leads to increased creativity, enhanced collaboration, fast tracks career growth of our employees and reduces single points of failures.


Enhancement of Existing Data Integration Jobs

Mapping Review

Our data mappers review the existing data integration mapping documents to ensure that all the necessary rules are included, and that the specifications can be properly implemented based on the available data. 

Test Data Generation

Our team can generate a variety of test data while maintaining data integrity across hundreds of files and millions of records. Our test is also capable of simulating a variety of data integration scenarios, as well as identifying potential failure points to ensure optimal performance.

Source Data Validation

As part of the data profiling process, we not only assess the quality and consistency of the data from the source systems, but also develop a comprehensive data model of the source systems. This involves examining the data both within a system and across different source systems to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Testing and Code-Reviews

Our GoodData service project testing teams play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient functioning of GoodData service project workflows and processes. They meticulously test and review any modifications or updates made to the GoodData service project system to ensure they are error-free before deployment to the production environment. 

Production Deployment

Our team specializes in supporting production deployment pipelines utilizing GIT, which includes working across various GIT repositories and utilizing tools such as GITHub or GITLab.

New Reports / Dashboard development

GoodData Assessment

1-2 week assessment to understand the current state of GoodData, Database & Data Integration. Provide recommendations to improve performance, save costs & improve user satisfaction, save GoodData licensing costs. 

Report and Dashboard Development

Work with decision makers to understand business drivers & reporting needs. Find available data, create report & dashboard designs. Create and execute test cases prior to any deployment of reports as per the security needs of the organization.

Proof of Concept

Understand existing requirements and rapidly create a proof of concept to compare and contract GoodData with other licensed, in-house and open source technologies.

Data Management Services

Identify business and technology stakeholders, create data dictionaries, document business needs and instantiate a change management process across data integration pipelines and analytic systems.

Robust Data Model

Profile data sources and understand business needs to create Dimensional data models. Our data modelers have more than 20+ years of industry experience to ensure that models created stand the test of time.

Establish an GoodData service project framework with data mapping, data cleansing, null handling, business rules and transformation operations to prep, integrate and load data into a data model.

Data Quality Assurance

Proactively detect data quality issues in source data. Enrich data to improve the quality of data. Depersonalize data to ensure Personally Identifiable information (PII) does not get copied into lower environments.


Operations, Maintenance & Support

Support and Helpdesk

Tier 1 & Tier 2 help desk support. User onboarding support and support knowledge base documentation. Solution walkthroughs for new users.

GoodData License Cost reduction

Convert heavily used GoodData reports into custom analytic applications to save costs on GoodData licenses.

GoodData Migration Services

Migrate GoodData reports and dashboards to Power-BI or open-source custom analytic applications. 

GoodData Dashboard Performance Improvement

Analysis of slow performing GoodData reports. Report, GoodData service project and Data Model enhancements to improve performance and user experience.

Sample Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture

Delta Detection Design

We turn around failed GoodData projects?

Are your dashboards and reports getting obsolete?

Stale dashboards can quickly become obsolete and go unused. At Y Point Analytics, we keep dashboards updated to meet the evolving needs of any growing business. We continually enhance dashboards and reports to ensure they remain relevant and meet the changing analytic requirements of your organization. Additionally, we proactively monitor source data and enhance data pipelines, which helps insulate GoodData dashboards and reports from source data structure changes, ensuring their longevity and usefulness.

Is there a lack of interest in business teams to use GoodData?

Our team works closely with users to gain an in-depth understanding of their specific needs. We then create interactive and visually appealing GoodData dashboards that engage users and provide valuable insights. We employ “GoodData storytelling” tailored to each user, weaving data and insights into compelling narratives. Furthermore, our efficient data pipelines & data integration jobs ensure that the data is always up-to-date and accurate, ensuring user engagement.

Are you getting the expected ROI from your GoodData investment?

We help increase Return on Investment (ROI) on GoodData by reducing licensing costs and increasing user adoption. We help reduce manual data integration costs, by automating data loads, improve data quality, engage with users to educate them on available dashboards, instantiate data governance to drive collaboration, streamline existing ETL processes and utilize best GoodData best practices.

Worried about GoodData licensing costs?

At Y Point Analytics, we are independent and unbiased, as we are not incentivized by GoodData to sell you more licenses. Our only focus is to align our interests with yours, by delivering the best solution for your needs, regardless of the product. As a result, you can trust that we will help you save on your licensing costs, without any hidden agenda.

GoodData Best Practices

  • Avoid Unnecessary UPDATEs: An UPDATE is implemented as a combination of DELETE and INSERT. Try to design your model and loading routines to avoid UPDATEs of large tables. [2]
  • Using projections can improve performance of SQL queries running in Vertica. Based on the query and projections available for the referenced tables.[3]
  • Understand the Problem: Solve the problems by asking the good questions and gathering the requirements.[1]
  • Define the Dashboard: From the piles of notes to the Dashboard outline for a great communication to all the involved parties. [1]
  • Keep your visualizations simple and digestible: The best dashboards allow users to quickly understand high-level overview information and help themselves to more information as needed. [6]
  • Choose the right visualizations: The objective is to select the most appropriate chart type based on user needs and data. [1]
  • Establish clear and consistent naming conventions for metrics and attributes. This helps maintain a standardized structure and makes it easier for users to understand. [7]
  • Use version control to monitor modifications made to datasets, reports, and other artifacts. [5]
  • Create naming standards that are uniform for dashboards, reports, and other project components. This guarantees that the project organization is clear and consistent. [7]
  • User Security: GoodData’s architecture relies on a centralized authentication and authorization security framework to control access to services.[4]

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Director of Data Opps 

As a director of Data Opps, I managed Y Point Analytics team from 2019-2022. In my 25+ years of managing teams, I have yet to come across a team with such high ethics, team work & passion to deliver. YPoint team functions like a well oiled machine, taking in complex data integration and analytic requirements and creating high-quality, well documented, performance optimized code that continues to run for years. They do all this while juggling 100’s of data pipeline requests on a regular basis. This results in minimum production issues, satisfied clients, and happy employees.

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