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Contact Tracers can use the portal to rapidly collect information from contacts of infected individuals, and communicate based on standard communication templates. And various other features such as

• Customize Outbreak (Covid-19), health department name, health department logo.
• Country specific data centers & URL’s.
• Mobile app for quarantined individuals to self-report location, symptoms and health status.
• Alert case managers of changes in quarantine or health status of cases.

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A Ticket to Work, School & Recreation

  • A Mobile App gathers user risk data into a Risk Score
  • Users give Gatekeepers instant access to Risk Score
  • Information sharing is controlled by users
  • Application can be hosted on Azure, AWS and secure On-premis
  • Can be made available in multiple languages
  • Any and all data centers
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Change of Condition is a Digital Solution to traditional meal delivery Services.

This application not only eases the process of delivering the food but also helps the drivers make a note of the visible change of condition. There are various features

•  Real-time Notifications to Dining-site Coordinators, Caregivers, Family members, Drivers etc.
•  Route Optimization & App Integration
•  Record the visible changes in health status while delivering meals.
•  Automated follow-up action Assignments

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) based FOIA, Subpoena, Records request response acceleration solution for state government, federal government agencies & school systems.

  • Browser based tool with modern reactive UI
  • Grouping of emails into conversations.
  • Multi-user parallel redaction for large matters.
  • Topic-based auto assignment for tasks.
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