We have been awarded Innovations Award in Nutrition Category September 22, 2020

US Aging (previously known as n4a Aging) is a National Association for Area Agency on Ageing (AAA) advocating for the Title VI Native American Aging Programs.

How was the app created?

The Change of Condition Application was built by Y Point Analytics in partnership with Minuteman Senior, based on feedback from Minuteman leadership, volunteers and caregivers.

This app is currently being used by around 700 volunteers who have delivered over 200,000 meals to 1,400 seniors in isolated neighborhoods.

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Health Status

Record visible change in health status while delivering meals

Delivery Reporting

Real-time delivery reporting

Custom Integration

Plug and play integration with SAMS & Meals on Wheels data

Customized Reporting

Role based custom reporting & analytics

Real-Time Dashboard

Dining site coordinator, care manager real-time dashboard


Real-time notifications to stakeholders

Route Optimization

Reduce delivery time due to optimized delivery routes

App Integrations

Mobile app integration with google map & mobile auto-dialing

Follow-up Actions

Automated follow-up action assignments



Assistant Director, Minuteman Senior Services Involved in Senior Care Services for over 13 yrs.


Prior CTO of Seniorlink & Minuteman. Involved in senior care industry for past 10 years.


Project Manager and analyst for “Change of Conditions” meal delivery application.


Nutrition Program Director at Minuteman Senior Services


Experienced leader in health care and social service operations.

Himanshu Verma

Co-founder & CEO Y Point Analytics & Epid HealthTech


700 Volunteers, Over 200,000 meals delivered to 1,400 seniors in isolated neighborhoods

  • Safety checks for 1000’s of homebound seniors that are served by meals on wheels (MOW) program
  • Smartphone app used by 700 volunteer drivers
  • Quick identification of health and safety concerns among homebound senior meal recipients
  • Improved communication between care teams
  • Timely intervention for the homebound senior meal recipient
  • Faster follow-up care for homebound senior meal recipient
  • Prevention of further declinet
  • Improved quality of live
  • Route optimization for meal delivery
  • Compatible with state case management databases and systems

Unlimited Possibilities

  • Pricing
  • Health Status
  • Customized Reporting
  • Delivery Reporting
  • Follow-up Actions

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Price Starting from
$500/Month Per Meal Site (Upto 500 consumers) $1 per Consumer after the first 500

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