Data Lakehouse

  • Strategy and Plan for Lakehouse Migration.
  • Data Lake to Delta Lake to Lakehouse.
  • Databricks or Opensource Lakehouse?
  • Lakehouse on AWS or Azure cloud?
  • Security and Governance in a Lakehouse.
Databricks Lakehouse on AWS cloud

Note: Pipelines for Data Quality, ETL & Engineering is an in_house, reusable python library


Data Management & Governance

Data Lakehouse Design

We carefully design the Data Lakehouse to take care of your immediate requirements and future vision using right tools and technologies. Our designs are built for Ease of use, high performance, high data quality in the most cost-effective way and shall be delivered on time.

Migration to Lakehouse

We believe in minimal disruption to your on-going business while modernizing the internal nuts and bolts. Our proven and reusable development methodologies centered around Data Quality and Security shall protect your data assets during the transition phase.

Unified Data Workloads

By leveraging Lakehouse unification capabilities, we re-engineer and enhance your data pipelines to meet the performance requirements and maintainability. Our in-house starter kit with templates, processes and reusable code libraries ensure timely delivery.

Data Assets Catalog and Governance

You will be in safe hands because we work with clients that require clinical precision towards least required privilege to thousands of individual users. We understand the intricacies of defining a centralized, flexible, agile and effective implementation of Organizational Governance rules.

Save Licensing Costs

We can Design and develop most cost-effective Data processing solution by leveraging open source software like Apache spark, Apache Hudi, Apache Iceberg.

Production Support

Compliant Pipeline Maintenance

Continued CD/CI of data pipelines across GDPR and HIPAA compliant development, test and production environments. Identification and encryption of PII if required.

Lakehouse Architecture Maintenance

Our R&D team continuously explores various options and new announcements in the Data management space. We can transfer our knowledge to pass on the benefits to our clients.

Production Failure Support

Our data pipelines are built with utmost care with fail-safe design. We troubleshoot the root cause of any failure, which is likely due to space filled up or input errors.

Performance Improvements

If any of the pipelines or the response times from the consumer layer show performance degradation, we will investigate the reason and propose mitigation.


At Y Point, we take a holistic approach towards your data assets management. Data quality, Traceability, Visualization, Security and Governance are in-built into every architecture. Storage and Compute are always separated.
In this era of inter-operability, we carefully match your current and future requirements with the right ensemble of technologies. The implementation choices shall be made jointly with you in the driver seat and us as the advisors.


Y Point's perspective
Evolution of Data Management

Aug 2023

Evolution of Data Management

From Flat Files to Delta Lake

Computer data processing emerged in the 1960s and has evolved significantly. Read on to follow the transition over 60 years and how Data Lakehouse becomes the logical next step.

Introduction to Lakehouse

Aug 2023

Introduction to Lakehouse

Unified AI and DW data pipelines

Lakehouse paradigm is a relatively new architecture. We at Y Point have explained Lakehouse architectural layers and advantages in simple terms in this article.

Databricks Lakehouse on AWS cloud

Aug 2023

Databricks Lakehouse on AWS cloud

Popular Lakehouse Implementation

Databricks company offers Lakehouse on multiple clouds like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud. Read more to know more about our perspective on Databricks on AWS.



Director of Data Opps 

As a director of Data Opps, I managed Y Point Analytics team from 2019-2022. In my 25+ years of managing teams, I have yet to come across a team with such high ethics, team work & passion to deliver. Y Point team functions like a well oiled machine, taking in complex data integration and analytic requirements and creating high-quality, well documented, performance optimized code that continues to run for years. They do all this while juggling 100’s of data pipeline requests on a regular basis. This results in minimum production issues, satisfied clients, and happy employees.



Y Point Solutions did a fantastic job implementing a state of the art 'Digital Assistant' for US Medical Affairs. The entire team was great to work with, and tailored solutions specific to our needs at GlaxoSmithKline. Amazed at how quickly the solution was implemented from the time initial conversations started. Highly recommend!

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