Artificial Intelligence

Our clients look for artificial intelligence solutions to cater complex modelling of a problem based on a detailed understanding of the existing business processes and wider business challenges. YPoint have AI professionals for consulting and Implementation with deep product knowledge; with many years of experience in proven strategies,strategies,methodologies, processes and implementation. We have 360 degree AI solutions which covers four stages: data acquisition, machine learning, data visualization and knowledge consumption using NLP and NLU. YPoint’s team has worked across various industries for AI projects including Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare, Federal, Insurance, E-Commerce and Manufacturing.


Business Process Automation

Continuously evolving instructions for performing tasks which could be pre-programmed as well. E.g. DevOps, Customer Care, etc.


Improve customer experience with automated replies. These bots are self-learning and always evolving. E.g. Siri, Google Assist, etc

Predictive Systems

Identify risks, threats and opportunities to assert conceivable predictions for the growth based on previously collected data and inputs

Decision Support Systems

Diagnose, Detect, Display and formally make the recommendations for easy decision making using past patterns