Build Lasting Relationships Through Personalized Communication

Have Members Stay Longer & Pay Longer

As business owners, we spend so much time and money bringing new customers into the fold only to lose sight of them a week or more later. We don’t know where they are or if they are even utilizing what our space has to offer. The simple truth is this – Every member is worthy of your time and should feel valued and taken care of at the end of the day.


Naamly is a multifaceted communication tool that helps your members stay longer & pay longer, giving you the power to turn a new member into a lifelong customer.

Your Time Is A Valuable Commodity; Spend It Wisely

With Naamly’s help, you can automate most of your daily business tasks; instantly turning hours, upon hours of work into just a few short hours a week. All of this free time lets you focus on what matters: building customer relationships.


Communication, Business, and more

Dive into some of the finer points that existing customers have found of value.

Group Messaging

Create and message groups of trainers and or clients

Untouched Clients

Know which clients have not been reached out to since their last visit.

Team Client Messaging

Client communicates to the entire business through a single number.

Predefined Messages

Build welcome or situational messages for easy notifications.

Client Weight Reports

Visualize clients progress and help them stay accountable.

Track Client Visits

See how many visits a client has remaining and plan ahead.

Business Metrics

View your projected revenue, new sales, trainer sales, and more.


Quickly evaluate if revenue is on track this month or if you need to adjust.

Finance Scorecard

Snapshot view of new customers, refunds, and more financial items.

Workout Surveys

Evaluate trainers and client happiness so workouts can change if needed.

Trainer Metrics

Messages sent and sale details can be quickly reviewed.

Trainer Scorecard

Review the performance of trainers and identify areas for coaching.

Nutrition Strategy

Create nutrition plan with the client for easy tracking and process evaluation.

Capture Nutrition Data

Clients can easily send in nutrition updates and be held accountable.

Nutrition Dashboard

Snapshot view of client nutrition performance and opportunities.

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