Business Intelligence

YPoint’s Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualization (DV) practice helps you reach the right metrics and obtain the appropriate visualization for the same. We offer services around creating dashboards and reports. Our data visualization service simplifies the presentation of your data and helps your numbers tell a better story. New patterns and relationships become visible and help you communicate a clear and coherent story to your audience. Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualization (DV) address these challenges effectively by tracking metrics and making data more contextual by helping visualize it and benchmark it.


Our BI service offerings include consulting, development, maintenance, migration and support services. It starts from strategy to deployment and ongoing maintenance.

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BI Development Services
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BI Managed Services/ Application management
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BI Consulting Services
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BI Strategy / Readiness Assessment
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BI Architecture Assessment
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BI Tools Standardization
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Data Quality Assessment
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Dashboard Assessment