CrisisResolve Overview


  • Save thousands of lives
  • Make the world safer
  • Destigmatize and change the paradigm of mental health treatment
  • What if you had the opportunity to save thousands of lives?
  • What if you could help make the world safer?
  • What if you could destigmatize and change the paradigm of mental health treatment?

The Mental Health Crisis

1 in 4 Americans
In need of mental health treatment
61.5 million people
50% of those
Do not receive any psychological help
30+ million people
Cost to Industry
Lost productivity due to mental illness
$16 trillion
Suicide Rates
Up 33% in the U.S. over the last 10 years
Highest rate of suicide is 15-24 year old’s
22 Veterans per day
Mental Health issues are expected to be the leading cause of death by 2030
Source: National Institutes of Mental Health

The Problem

For people experiencing a mental health crisis, there are no good options.
  • A 911 call results in an ER visit, hours of waiting or involuntary hospitalization
  • Mental Health hotlines are inefficient, inconvenient, outdated, limited and run by volunteers.

The Solution

  • An online mental health urgent care platform.
  • Built to get people the right help within a 19-minute timeframe.
  • Changing the paradigm by assessing and evaluating mental health issues, including dangerousness, on the spot using Al and deep learning.
  • A comprehensive approach including evaluation, on-demand professional treatment, and ongoing support.

How it Works

Person in crisis contacts CrisisResolve through mobile phone or online (first 19 minutes are free) and communicates with chat bot

AI determines level of crisis using intelligent assessment


Patient is connected to a live mental health professional for therapy via text, video and phone or chat


Online therapy, outside referrals, and remote patient monitoring provide ongoing support ecosystem


  • US patent pending technology
  • Assured data security and HIPAA compliance
  • Advanced assessment capabilities via AI
  • Accumulated data continually improves evaluation and treatment planning
  • Dynamic scalability


Cost effective

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