U.S General Services Administration (GSA)

(Sub to VFSS & IBM)

Created 100(+) data interfaces for distributing vendor master data from sam.gov to 6000+ applications. Used 4000(+) data quality & cleanup rules prior to data distribution.

This allowed the application to stabilize and resulted in a complete turnaround of the SAM.gov.

Data Consumed / Validated: IRS – TIN/SSN Validation, Federal Delinquency Validation, Cage Codes, D&B (Address, 4 parents), Federal government hierarchy, Treasury (Bank routing numbers), USPS – address validation.

Further Details Available at: http://www.acquisition.gov/arch_drawings.asp

Data Integration Technology: CloverETL v3.2 / 3.4, Oracle 11g Data Sources: Oracle, Excel, Flat Files (US-ASCII, UTF), XML / Clob Data sources, Web services, Emails

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