Opioid Prescription Drug Analysis in Virginia
(Prime Contractor: Code360)

In 2019, Y Point Analytics collaborated with Health Quality Innovators (HQI) to conduct an in-depth analysis of opioid prescription data in the state of Virginia. Our objective was to uncover patterns and trends associated with the distribution of opioid prescriptions and the pharmacies involved in their dispensation.

To accomplish this, we scrutinized millions of prescription records and the corresponding pharmacies responsible for dispensing these medications. Utilizing geocoding, we pinpointed the locations of each pharmacy and visualized their distribution on an ESRI ArcGIS map. By incorporating population density data for various zip codes, we were able to calculate prescription density and identify areas with higher opioid prescription rates.

Our technical team successfully integrated a multi-layered map in ArcGIS with Power BI, allowing for the powerful drill-through and drill-down features of Power BI to be available through a multi-layered ArcGIS map. This innovative approach enhanced our ability to visualize and analyze the data more effectively.

Our findings revealed a higher prevalence of opioid prescriptions in rural regions of Virginia. As we moved westward from the densely populated areas of Northern Virginia, the prevalence of opioid prescriptions increased. This observation underscored the need for targeted interventions and additional research to address the challenges faced by rural communities in managing opioid prescriptions and addiction.

In conclusion, our partnership with HQI offered valuable insights into the opioid prescription landscape in Virginia, laying the groundwork for future research and study in this area. By pinpointing regions with elevated prescription rates, we aim to contribute to the development of targeted strategies that address the opioid crisis not only in Virginia, but also at a national level.

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