Installation & Configuration:

Our tailored installation services are designed specifically for SAS on both Windows and Linux platforms, ensuring a seamless setup that integrates with your unique operational framework. We focus on meticulous installation, encompassing all servers, users, and permissions, with rigorous testing to confirm full functionality.

Cloud Migration:

Our structured migration strategies facilitate the transition of SAS workloads to cloud environments, emphasizing increased agility and fortified security. We undertake a meticulously planned multi-step process, which includes identification, planning, execution, validation, and thorough documentation, striving to enhance analytics capabilities while standardizing governance and reducing hosting expenditures.

Code Enhancement:

Code enhancement at ypoint analytics transcends basic reviews; it’s a cornerstone of our software development ethos, emphasizing not only functionality but also maintainability, security, and efficiency. Our service evolves your legacy SAS code, aligning it with modern challenges and ensuring it adheres to the highest standards of software excellence.

Operations & Maintenance:

We provide comprehensive operations support, ensuring the enduring performance of your legacy SAS systems. Our approach propels your business forward with a focus on growth, embracing the latest advancements in the field. Our commitment includes deploying updates and fixes with meticulous testing across all operational scenarios.

Patching & Security:

We rigorously apply SAS patches and updates to safeguard your systems against vulnerabilities, maintaining strict alignment with federal cybersecurity protocols. Our security practices are crafted to meet the highest standards of government policies and expectations.

SAS Upgrades:

Our managed upgrade service facilitates a smooth transition to the latest SAS versions, with minimal operational disruption. Each step of the process is meticulously documented, ensuring a transparent record for maintenance and support. We offer tailored training—either one-to-one or classroom-based—to ensure your staff is proficient with new products and features.

Cost Optimization:

At ypoint analytics, we strategically manage your software and hardware inventories, applying a detailed cost matrix and leveraging analytics to enhance inventory productivity and profitability. Our logistics support is geared towards ensuring your day-to-day operations proceed without delay. We analyze and monitor your infrastructure, advocating cost-reduction strategies that do not compromise on performance or efficiency.

Partner Federal Client Agency Information
Manages national housing policy and programs.
Oversees food, agriculture, natural resources, and rural development.
Responsible for public security, anti-terrorism, and disaster response.
Provides medical services and support to U.S. military.
Coordinates and supervises all government functions related to national security and the U.S. armed forces.
Total Service Solution
Conducts the nationwide census and related surveys, providing critical national data.
Oversees public health, welfare, and health policy.
Regulates the stock market and protects investors.

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