LLM based Services

  • Custom chatbot to improve customer service
  • AI role based search (website content & text knowledgebase)
  • FAQ generation, text summarization
  • Translation from one language to other
  • Feature extraction from unstructured, large data in text, audio and video formats


LLM market is highly competitive with major players releasing different LLMs frequently. Several LLM platforms, frameworks and models are available with distinct advantages. We at Ypoint CoE monitor the space closely. Leave the selection of right offering to us and focus on leveraging the benefits.

LLM Integration – we integrate LLMs into existing software.

Bring AI to your users

Don’t re-design your existing application, improve the user experience. Keep costs low, familiar user interfaces, no need to train users.

Vector Databases:

We identify the right chunking algorithms, appropriate vector database that you need to use and build it into your content retrieval strategy.


We work with your stakeholders in precise identification of the use case and expected outcomes. We match our knowledge of LLMs to these factors these factors to arrive at the best approach. Usually our solutions are deployed as web components in your existing websites.

NLP tasks

We provide state of art, customized models to perform traditional NLP tasks like Custom Named Entity Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Document categorization, (ML) Feature extraction from Text, audio and video data formats.

Customer Service

In addition to Chatbot, you can have bots that route the request to right human agent, support agents in writing responses, give recommendations from known issues Knowledge DB and a bot that can guide a new agent. We use various techniques including prompt engineering to train the bots for your specific needs.

Mobile Applications

You can have mobile applications equipped with role based interaction with LLM based digital assistant. The digital assistant can provide aggregated profile of a patient based on previous interactions. Or it can support a field engineer troubleshooting a faulty machine.

Form filling and medical coding

In many cases like patient history, large forms must be filled in detail. By ingesting previous patient case history, your digital assistant can fill the form for you.  Similarly, medical coding and similar administrative tasks can be off-loaded to a bot. This improves speed, accuracy thereby avoid audit issues like upcoding

Personalized recommendations

Product selling websites typically have several thousands of products. Traditional recommender systems relied on keyword matches. LLM based recommender systems provide semantic matches and can provide more relevant answers for complex questions. We perform rigorous few shot training to improve the recommendation relevance.




Director of Data Opps 

As a director of Data Opps, I managed Y Point Analytics team from 2019-2022. In my 25+ years of managing teams, I have yet to come across a team with such high ethics, team work & passion to deliver. YPoint team functions like a well oiled machine, taking in complex data integration and analytic requirements and creating high-quality, well documented, performance optimized code that continues to run for years. They do all this while juggling 100’s of data pipeline requests on a regular basis. This results in minimum production issues, satisfied clients, and happy employees.




YPoint Solutions did a fantastic job implementing a state of the art 'Digital Assistant' for US Medical Affairs. The entire team was great to work with, and tailored solutions specific to our needs at GlaxoSmithKline. Amazed at how quickly the solution was implemented from the time initial conversations started. Highly recommend!

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