Empowering Medispend with Streamlined Data Integration: A Success Story

Our collaboration with Medispend, a leading provider of compliance solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, showcases our proficiency in delivering data integration services that drive efficiency and success. Our team’s expertise in managing the data extraction process from multi-billion dollar pharma & device manufacturing companies has enabled Medispend to strengthen its services and better serve its clients.


Medispend required seamless data ingestion from over 150+ pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, 50+ different types of data sources, aggregating spend, event, HCO/HCP data from various sources, such as Salesforce, VEEVASAP, Oracle, and more. Efficient data management was crucial for Medispend to maintain its industry-leading compliance reporting solutions and report.


Our data integration specialists worked closely with Medispend to understand their unique needs and develop customized solutions. We consolidated and integrated data from multiple sources, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Our services included:

  • Data extraction from diverse platforms and system.
  • Data cleansing, validation, and transformation.
  • Integration of spend, event, HCO/HCP data into a unified format.
  • Implementation of automated data flows for improved efficiency.


Our data integration services on AWS have significantly streamlined Medispend’s data management processes, enabling them to provide even more robust and comprehensive compliance solutions to their clients. By enhancing data accuracy, reliability, and timeliness, we have empowered Medispend to maintain its position as a leading player in the pharmaceutical and medical device compliance sector.

If your organization seeks reliable data integration support, our team is ready to help. Our proven track record with Medispend demonstrates our ability to navigate complex data environments of large multi-billion dollar organizations and deliver tailored solutions that drive success. Discover how we can transform your data management process and elevate your business today!

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