The Problem

For people experiencing a mental health crisis, there are no good options.

  • A 911 call results in an ER visit, hours of waiting or involuntary hospitalization
  • Mental Health hotlines are inefficient, inconvenient, outdated, limited and run by volunteers.

The Solution

  • An online mental health urgent care platform.
  • Built to get people the right help within a 19-minute timeframe.
  • Changing the paradigm by assessing and evaluating mental health issues, including dangerousness, on the spot using Al and deep learning.
  • A comprehensive approach including evaluation, on-demand professional treatment, and ongoing support.

AI Chatbot to Reduce Operational Costs

Simulate human conversations using NLP (natural language processing) using our AI Chatbot. Address users’ needs independent of a human operator.


Automate 80% of your online therapy conversations

Our Chatbot can take care of repetitive questionnaires, so that your therapists can focus on the issues that truly need their attention. Our Chatbots are available 24×7. So, while your therapists are offline, our chatbots can hold the fort ensuring your patience mental health.

How it works?

Create Chatbot Conversation Workflow

Pick a pre-built chatbot template and make changes to it.

Bring Customers to your Chatbot

Publish your chatbot either as a widget on your website, as a standalone page.

Sit Back & Watch the Data Roll in

View and analyze conversation data inside the Y Point dashboard.

Easily Accessible Therapy

Person in crisis contacts CrisisResolve through mobile phone or online (first 19 minutes are free) and communicates with chat bot

Advanced AI Features

AI determines level of crisis using intelligent assessment, gives Suggestions to Clinicians and creates smart session notes

On call Therapist

Patient is connected to a live mental health professional for therapy via text, video and phone or chat

Support Ecosystem

Online therapy, outside referrals, and remote patient monitoring provide ongoing support ecosystem

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Live Chat Capability

In case of a crisis the chatbot will directly connect you to a live therapist seamlessly in the same session.

Depression/ Anxiety/ Loneliness Questionnaires

The Chatbot AI will use standard questionnaires to assess your current mental health and provide recommendations or connect you with a therapist based on the results.

Incoming Patient Queue Traffic Management

An Uber like Queuing mechanism is in place for assigning clinicians based on their availability and history with patients

Search Medical Information Database

Search content management databases based on the user's product of inquiry and keywords

Rapid Configuration

Easy configuration of content which will reflect immediately in real time

Easy Deployment

Very easy to deploy on websites with almost any frameworks like Vanilla JS, jQuery, Angular JS, Vue.js, React JS, etc

AI Features

Automated responses based on user sentiment

Analytics Dashboard

Special graphs to visualize user behavior on chatbot

Easy Integration with Host API's

Integrate with Content Management systems API's like VEEVA vault & IQUVIA

Advanced assessment capabilities via AI

Chatbot Uses Advance AI to figure out the emotions and feelings of the Patient based on their responses.

Assured data security and HIPAA compliance

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Dynamic scalability

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Accumulated data continually improves evaluation and treatment planning

All Patient Interactions are safely stored with full privacy for the patient. This data will improve our


  • Save thousands of lives
  • Make the world safer
  • Destigmatize and change the paradigm of mental health treatment

The Mental Health Crisis

1 in 4 Americans

In need of mental health treatment
61.5 million people

50% of those

Do not receive any psychological help
30+ million people

Cost to Industry

Lost productivity due to mental illness
$16 trillion

Suicide Rates

Up 33% in the U.S. over the last 10 years
Highest rate of suicide is 15-24 year old’s
22 Veterans per day

Mental Health issues are expected to be the leading cause of death by 2030

Source: National Institutes of Mental Health


Cost effective




Director of Data Opps 

As a director of Data Opps, I managed Y Point Analytics team from 2019-2022. In my 25+ years of managing teams, I have yet to come across a team with such high ethics, team work & passion to deliver. YPoint team functions like a well oiled machine, taking in complex data integration and analytic requirements and creating high-quality, well documented, performance optimized code that continues to run for years. They do all this while juggling 100’s of data pipeline requests on a regular basis. This results in minimum production issues, satisfied clients, and happy employees.




YPoint Solutions did a fantastic job implementing a state of the art 'Digital Assistant' for US Medical Affairs. The entire team was great to work with, and tailored solutions specific to our needs at GlaxoSmithKline. Amazed at how quickly the solution was implemented from the time initial conversations started. Highly recommend!

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