Office of Inspector General (OIG)

At OPM-OIG, we have been tasked with integrating big data, implementing data governance, creating an integrated data warehouse (IDW), and developing ad-hoc reporting capabilities. Our primary objective is to load over 4.5 billion health care claims, provider and enrollment records from more than 45 insurance carriers into an OIG AWS Data Warehouse.

We have created a high-quality, high-performing, ad-hoc and canned reporting system that supports the comprehensive and independent audit needs of the Office of Investigations (OI)Office of Audits (OA), Claims Audit and Analytics Group (CAAG), Systems Audit Group (SAG), and Community Related Audit Groups (CRAG).

We ensure that the data received and processed by OIG is of the highest quality. We are conducting governance workshops to standardize source data layouts and codes across the insurance carriers. This is resulting in significant improvement in the quality of data received and processed by OIG.

Our work is making a significant contribution to the OPM and OIG’s mission to ensure the integrity and accountability of the Federal Government’s health care programs.


Y Point sold RightData to OPM to support its Data Governance Initiative to improve visibility of quality of data across the enterprise. 

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